Please be aware...

A Public Service Message:

My heart is so full of sorrow today. A dear friend of mine’s 18 month old daughter died yesterday evening. The cause of death was something that could have been prevented. Her daughter was strangled in/by mini-blind cords while at day care. While, I cannot begin to understand the emotions or grief she is feeling at this time I can, pass the warning onto you.

Please check your window blinds at home. If you have a child in day care (or in the care of any provider), please do yourself a favor and check their home/facility for mini blind cords; make sure they’re tied up and out of the reach of children. Make sure that cribs are moved away from windows and blind strings are appropriately bound to prevent access by any child. Obviously this was an accident, but this is so sad and so outrageous because it's entirely preventable and should never happen to any child.

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