Princess Alexa.... a mini album

Heather challenged me yesterday to get one layout done. As I sat down to create it (it's actually sketched out and ready to start on), I decided to create a mini album to display at the Garage Sale, and here at work, for Alexa. It's not completely done yet. It's needing something, but I haven't determined what it is yet.
Some of the little details that you probably can't see include:

~ Distressed Edges
~ Machine Stitching
~ Oodles of Swarovski Crystals (what else would you use for a Princesses album??)
~ Paper Flowers (Prima for those of you who scrapbook)
~ Hand Stamping

I can't wait to finish this one up! It's going to be darling! Be sure to peek back in tommorrow to see the finished album!


Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, Heather! Love that cover photo...LOL! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather....Your married name is Heather Beste right? With an "E" at the end? I get confused every time I bring up your blog that says Heather Ales. E-mail me about that really fast. THANKS!!!!

Kristy said...

That is specTACular.

I think we need to buddy up and offer this as a product to my photography clients.