Guilty as Charged...

Okay, I’ll admit it. The TV is back. Actually, it never technically left, but certain members of my household we led to believe that we weren’t able to watch television (that would be Steve’s doing – by the way). Anywho… with the fall TV season lining up, I knew I would want to watch some of my favorite shows. Tuesday night, the first two made their season appearance.

And I was happy.

Very happy.

I love to watch House and I am thrilled that Dancing with the Stars is back.

Dancing with the Stars is awesome. I am not a good dancer. In fact, many would say I’m a horrible dancer – or I once was. I spent WEEKS (yes, ladies and gents) learning the Electric Slide – and just pining away for the next youth dance so I could practice my steps, or make a complete fool of myself. Generally the fool won out. Over the years though, and after many nights out with my friends, I learned to listen for the beat and how to dance. I’ve taken oodles of dance classes but none beat the fun swing classes I got to take with Daryl and a bunch of church friends. I’m still not a good dancer, but I love to get my groove on.

Anyway, back to the show… there’s just something about watching others dance that gets me moving. (I get the same rush when watching cheerleading too!) I love seeing people at the beginning and each week as they continue to practice and gain more dancing skills. It’s too bad that anyone gets booted off because I could honestly watch all of them each week. But, where would the competition be, eh?

Don’t call me next Tuesday night – I’ll be watching TV!

And don’t get me started on the Thursday night shows…. I’ll be home for them too. Maybe we should get another DVR. That way, I can watch everything in one marathon sitting (skipping commercials of course) and my life can continue without interruptions.

Perhaps, we should have kept the TV working secret to ourselves…. I didn’t have to debate with anyone over what show to watch.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Thursday, Tuesday, it's all good! Congratulations on the return of TV (heh-heh) -- we're doing our own little happy dance over here, too.

Shirley said...

LOVE House but don't watch dancing. ;)

Kristy said...

No shame necessary. We have three TiVos and two DVRs in our house. Wednesdays and Thursdays are a problem, and you might get me hooked on "Grey's Anatomy," too.