Why the Reminiscing?

I'm heading out to Ohio in a few hours. Why? Why not? I've wanted to bring Steve out to show him some of the things I talk about (Frickers, Skyline, Youngs Dairy, etc) I talk about from time to time, and to show him some of the places I used to hang (the Rose, etc). We're going to meet up with a few of my friends, namely Bel and Michelle. Rumour has it that a few others will be joining us for our night on the town (man, will I have the energy and stamina?), and I'm looking forward to a weekend of no drama with lots of fun.

Speaking of drama... good GRIEF. Teenagers I tell ya. Major drama - mainly with thinking they should be able to do as they please. Come on... if you live with us, you follow the rules. Ya know? Am I out of my mind? Here's the list of "living arrangement stipulations" that we discussed (months before she came) - what do you think?

- Keep bedroom clean and tidy. On a daily basis, this is to include making bed, putting clothes into appropriate basket or hamper, and having no garbage on the floor or other surfaces. Additionally, the light must be completely off when not in bedroom.
- Keep guest bathroom clean and tidy. On a daily basis, this is to include nothing on countertops, sink and countertop to have no makeup or other items on them, sufficient toilet paper on roll, nothing on the floor, shower curtain closed, and towels hung to dry. The hand towel displayed must be clean and folded correctly. This is the bathroom guests to use and must be maintained as such.
- Responsible for cleaning up own messes, including cooking dishes, countertops, and food that has fallen onto the floor.
- Responsible for cooking dinner at least one night a week.

Food/Kitchen Privileges:
- You are responsible for purchasing your own food, with the exception being the dinner meal. When dinner is cooked, you are welcome to join us. Otherwise, you are responsible for your own meals.
- No eating in bedroom. Absolutely no food stored in bedroom or anywhere other than designated kitchen space.
- All food is to be stored in either pantry basket or in refrigerator drawer. Food stored must be closed and/or stored appropriately (i.e. lids on bowls, no “loose” food, etc)
- You are responsible for cleaning up your own cooking mess. This is to include loading the dishes you used dishes into dishwasher, cleaning used countertops, and picking any and all food dropped onto the floor – and disposing of it appropriately.

- Please park your vehicle so that others can park in the garage. Do not block the driveway.
- Must pay for car insurance, and maintain vehicle on schedule.
- If you park in the driveway, park close to the garage door so that another car can easily park behind you.

- Absolutely no smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or partaking of any illegal substances in our home or on our property.
- Must participate in weekly rotating household chores with other house occupants.
- Must be respectful of us, our home, and our belongings. Must treat guests with respect and politeness.
- Must obtain cell phone, and maintain service.
- When not in school full time, must obtain employment.
- Must be home for family dinner each Sunday evening, with the exception being work schedules. You are welcome to invite friends to join us.
- Laundry is to be completed on scheduled day. Date may be rescheduled due to work or school schedule.
- If you’re going to be out late (after midnight), let us know. You don’t have a curfew.
- No guests/friends are permitted in the house while Steve is sleeping.
- Your guests are welcome in our home. However, you are responsible for their behavior and actions when on our property. Please have them park along the curb, and not in the driveway.

In my opinion, these are things that would normally be considered condiderate roommate behavior. They aren't outlandish, ridiculous, or unheard of. It appears however, that to one who has moved away from home for the first time, it is competely ridiculous.

Drama - will it ever end?


Anonymous said...

Hey chica! Just thought I'd get caught up on your doings lately. You're always traveling, that's awesome! Better get it done before you start having kids ;-) I love your rules list but don't worry...any normal teen would revolt against it. I'm going to use some of your rules for my daughter. She's been driving me nuts. Take care, I miss you! Cindy

Kristy said...

I would have been a much more successful grown-up if I'd had such a list as a teenager!

Good luck ...

Heather said...

For free rent, utilities, etc., nothing is too much to ask!! :o)