Over the last 11,500+ days....

My friend Krista recently posted a list of things she's done over her lifetime. She's also a cancer survivor but has posted an incredible journal as she's gone through her journey. Her journal has really inspired me, and has provided much food for thought. Kristas list really inspired me to create one of my own. I know there are lots of other things I can list, but these are the ones that are on the forefront of my mind at the moment:
  • I’ve owned 5 vehicles.
  • I have attended 5 different colleges.
  • I lived in Germany for 17 years.
  • I got to travel to dozens of European countries.
  • I watched the Berlin Wall fall – while living in Berlin.
  • I survived traveling to New York City over the disaster known as 9/11.
  • I was reunited with my birthmother after 26 years, and got to find a whole extra awesome family as a result.
  • I moved to new homes no less than 29 times.
  • I’ve survived cancer twice.
  • I’ve performed in choral groups for US Presidents and other dignitaries. With them, I performed in Las Vegas and in Disney’s Street Parade.
  • I had tanks follow my school bus to school and back home.
  • I’ve planned large scale events, and have pulled them off without too much of a hiccup.
  • I’ve had 100+ pieces of paper arts published.
  • I’ve designed products for paper crafting manufacturers and have seen them produced and distributed.
  • I’ve practiced playing soccer on Berlin’s Olympic Field with my soccer team.
  • I’ve been a caller on talk radio show (The Russ Martin Show) and on 3 music radio shows. I also called into a “special” radio show on adoption.
  • I was president of Future Homemakers of America (which is probably not shocking, and only solidifies my friends and coworkers thinking that I'm the whitest white girl ever.) I won all kinds of cooking contests and challenges too!
  • I went to school with Mayte Garcia (Prince’s first wife), and worked with her mother for two summers.
  • I became a department manager at the age of 21 (KeyBank’s AnswerBank).
  • I’ve spoken to hundreds of potential birthparents and adoptive parents about my adoption experiences.
  • I’ve had three stories published (or will soon be published) in various Chicken Soup for the Soul books.
  • I have witnessed miracles. I know first-hand the power of faith, hope, charity, and prayer. (Good one Krista!)
  • I’ve gained my own personal testimony of Jesus Christ, and of my Heavenly Father.
Wow! I've done a lot. But, there is still so much left to do!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome list!

Jana said...

WOW Heather, you have already led quite an amazing life and still have a ton of living left to do! You sound like an amazing woman and I hope we have a chance to get to know each other better someday since we're both in TX and all. ;-)