The Itchy and Scratchy Show...

Oh.MY.GOSH... I itch SO bad. Seriously... like the worst itch of my life. Any tips? I've moisturized every hour.... on the hour.... and am now begging for light back scratching on a regular basis.

This weekend was VERY full! Saturday, after getting up at the crack of dawn, I got the laundry caught up and then Heather B. and I were off for our day of fun! We went and did the Polka Dot Potato classes (learned the basics of Adobe Elements - which I needed) in Richardson. It was good to sit down and take a computer class instead of teaching one. When I worked at Key, I was a corporate trainer, and one of the classes I was responsible for was our new hire training. It was VERY systems intensive. I did some of the same when I worked at FHHLC too, but only for our new department employees. Anyway, so nice to be able to sit and take a computer/software class and not be teaching it.

I made a snazzy layout, but didn't follow instructions and save it as a .jpg. So, I can't post it here until I get home tonight and open it up in Adobe. I made my snazzy header too, what do you think? All of the elements were designed by Rhonna Farrer - love that girls wicked awesome digi skills! You can get the elements on Two Peas. I was super excited after my class to get some new digi elements. You can get some really awesome ones at, but the site was down. I was in a super itch to digi - so I managed to buy a chunk of digi stuff at TwoPeas. Spent more than I intended - but I'm sure I'll use it all eventually! :)

Saturday, after our class we went to the Lewisville Scrapbook Warehouse to crop with some of our Texas friends. It was awesome to catch up with Paula, Josiane, and Gloria. They're all So talented! Heather was my favoritest person in the whole wide world though! She scratched my back for a long time while we were at PDP. The joke of the day was that I was leaving my DNA everywhere because of my flaking skin. I must admit, it was REALLY disgusting to see flakes of me on my bum. It was like bum dandruff.... and I promise that I wiped down my crop chair!

The weekend was an overall winner. We made it to church, and stayed the whole time. It was great to see our friends and quickly catch up with them too. Steve get's presented in Stake Conference this coming Sunday so he can take the next step in his ordination. Then, it's full steam ahead to October 28th when we'll be sealed! CAN'T WAIT!

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