It’s Thursday again… gotta love Thursdays. And, it’s a Thursday in front of a three day weekend. Color me happy! This is one of the last weekend’s Steve has off with me (his days off rotate) so, I’ve given him full rein on Saturday. He gets to decide what we’re going to do with the day – the only exception being the CR-V’s oil change that afternoon. The day promises to be full of interesting moments – that’s for sure!

Other than an exciting Saturday afternoon, I am going to be BUSY this weekend in my studio! My friend, Heather, has been selling a lot of my extra scrapping supplies for me through her eBay store – and I’m determined to clear out the stuff I love, but just am not using. So, I’m going to give the whole studio an overhaul and get things packaged up for her. I know that she’s getting at least one full box of idea books and probably two of magazines. All of that in addition to what she already has and what I’m going to have ready for her after assures that her business will be healthfully running for ages. Of course, that’s in addition to the items that others have asked her to sell too. I’ve passed the word onto a few of our scrapping friends, and they’ve loaded her up! The best part is that it’s not just scrapping stuff – its clothes, household items, and office stuff too! LOVE her business!

So, with the deep clean, I’m planning to overhaul my studio. I have a few things I’ve wanted to make/create to hang, and I’m going to do it! There’s nothing better to get me feeling inspired than a clear space – and this weekend is going to be the time for it to all happen!

I’m on the search for some great quotes to have cut into vinyl so I can put them onto my walls. I have other places I want to put them in the house, but I have specific spots in my studio to put them. Any ideas? What quotes inspire you to create your masterpieces?

A few of you have asked how I store my plethora of ink pads. Well, I bought a couple of wall shelves on the Bay and painted them black. They hold all of my full size inkpads. The smaller ones (cats eyes, mini pads, etc) are all stored in a white plastic drawer unit. It’s full. I think I have a problem! With over 200 inkpads – I think it’s reached beyond an addiction level.

*** argh.... for some reason I can't post photos today. I'll try tonight from home. Here's the post from December when I started getting my current studio set up though!

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Shirley said...

Can't wait to see new pictures!