Another Celebratory Occasion...

Today marks another celebratory occasion – it’s my father’s birthday! He is one heck of an incredible guy! After serving in the US Air Force in various groups (hospital administration, and the Office of Special Investigations – OSI, among other things), and after helping my mom raise 4 kids - he set out to retire. I imagine retiring to be something like an extended vacation; cabana boys, frosty beverages, lots of downtime and relaxing, traveling, lots of art time and definitely oodles of fun.

My Dad, however, had other ideas. After going back to school to get another Master’s degree he is now a professor at San Juan Community College, a Counselor with the Farmington LDS Family Services office, a Gospel Doctrine instructor (LDS Sunday School class), and plays in 3 different bands. Just thinking about how his schedule is, exhausts me. Seriously – and I am an energetic gal!

My dad continues to amaze me. Every time I talk to him, he shares insights, helps me with issues, and has a great listening ear. He’s always there (with my mom normally) to help me out when things are tough and I just need to understand why someone is the way they are or why they’re acting as they do.

My dad is an incredible cheerleader for me when I’m struggling and gives me just the right amount of oomph to get me going again. He’s the best dang tenor and bass that I’ve ever had the joy to sing with – and harmonize with as he plays his guitar.

I’m so glad he chose to make me his daughter! I wouldn’t be who I am today without him!

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!

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Shirley said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad! Sounds like one amazing man!