And THIS.... Ladies and Gentleman

is why WE (yes, Steve - my dear... WE, you ARE included in this tiny little purchase) are purchasing THIS little camera!

Heather B. went out with me yesterday with her new baby (make that Jack's new baby - she was just... babysitting. Yeah... babysitting! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) to take some new head shots for my bio. It had been WAY too long since getting an update (that wasn't me taking my pic in the bathroom mirror).

I must admit, it was ENTIRELY too much fun partying like a rockstar! As you can tell, I have a serious thing with facial expressions that I didn't even know about! YIKES! I am seriously laughing when I look at the photos, remembering the funny story or topic behind them.

Heather did a FANTABULOUS job - I love them! I'm SO lucky that she is my friend - and that her hubby lets her come out to play with me! :)

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Anonymous said...

Jack and Heather have a very nice toy.You know what bills have to go first my love. :)