Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

I am a VERY blessed girl! I have the very best father ever - and he chose me to be his daughter. (Well, with my mothers excellent encouragement too). I could not have had a better daddy, ever! He's taught me SO much, and continues to teach me everyday (even though we live thousands of miles apart).

As an adult (well, trying to be an adult), I realize the impact my parents have had on my life with a more full understanding. As a teen, I really didn't enjoy my parents company and would prefer to be just about anywhere but with them. As an adult, there isn't anywhere I'd rather be. Strange isn't it? Or, maybe it's just "maturity" (aka the "m" word). He's supported me through stupid decisions, through dumb experiences, through incredibly difficult situations, through heartbreak and pain. He's eaten countless experimental meals, and dozens of burnt cookies (aka hockey pucks). He's spent oodles of time working with me and my musical skills - and working with me as I try to play the guitar. He's accompanied me with his guitar over the years as we've sung our songs (one of which is Edelweiss from The Sound of Music).

My father has taught me the fine art of truly listening (even when you don't want to) and the better art of giving advice when requested - not when you feel like it needs to be shared. He's led a life of service; first for our great country as a Serviceman, and now as a counselor to those in need. He's graduated from college numerous times, and never ceases to lose the inclination to learn additional skills.

He's been an umpire, a referree, a choir chorister, a band director, a bus driver, and umpteen other jobs as he's raised my siblings and I.

He's just an overall uber cool dude. Seriously - if you knew him, you would think so too!

I really would not be the person I am today, with the generally positive outlook I have in life, without my father. It was the greatest thing for me to have my father walk me down the aisle at my wedding. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Thanks Dad! I love you!

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Jennifer Stewart said...

What a sweet, sweet post, Heather! Your Dad sounds like such a special guy :)