California, Here We Come... (errr.... where we were...)

Talk about a whirlwind week/weekend. Yikes! Steve and I flew into San Francisco on Wednesday night, arriving at 11pm PST. Jill and Thomas met us there, and we drove for about 2.5 hours to their hometown of Ukiah. It's located in the heart of Mendocino County. We finally crashed out after making it to our hotel room. We spent the next few days catching up with family and getting general preparations done for Kimberlee's high school graduation and her big move to Texas.

Thursday, we made it over to Fort Bragg and spent a bit of time at Glass Beach. I've never seen anything like it! It's a beach, that was once a landfill, that is almost completely made of broken glass. Only, the glass isn't sharp. It's been smoothed out and shaped by the tides. TOTALLY COOL! I picked up a few pocketfuls of beach glass - so be on the look out for what might end up being something cool out of them!

Friday, we did a little bopping around town getting the last of Kim's doctor appointments squared away and the little things finished.

Saturday was Kim's big day and she graduated from Ukiah High School! Wahoo! It was a nice ceremony. It made me think back to my own high school graduation (what seems like umpteen years ago!), and the differences in pomp & circumstance. My American high school graduation was mostly military dependant students. I think my graduating class had 199 students in it - pretty small. At the actual ceremony, it was indoors, during the evening and everyone dressed in their Sunday best - and we had a full evening of ceremonies.

At Kim's graduation, there were close to 500 students (still small from what I understand as far as US graduations go), and it was held in the morning hours, and out doors. For the most part, everyone dressed in what is generally known as "bbq casual" - know what I mean. Please don't get me wrong, it was a very lovely graduation ceremony, and it was delightful to see her graduate. It was simply very different from when I graduated. People change. Times change.

Almost directly after graduation, we headed straight to the airport in hopes that we would be able to catch a flight home to Dallas. The flights were NOT looking good, but by the grace of God, all four of us managed to make it hom on the same flight (doesn't happen very often when you're flying spaceA from CA to anywhere in Texas)!

So, we're all here. We're working on getting Kim unpacked and situated. We're working on her "plan" (aka, what she's going to do... especially for the summer), and helping her get her post-graduate life off to a fun start.

I've been busy with design assignments, and getting ready for CHA. I'm not going, but I'm working to get new product release information so that I can post the latest and greatest here on my blog! Let's see how it goes!

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