Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day holds a special place in my heart. I am blessed to have more than one mother. I have two very important women who hold the mother title for me. I have Sheri, my birth mother - or first mother and I have Mom (Mary), my mother.

They have both sacrificed much for my behalf and well being. Although they both knew of the others existance, neither of them had ever met face to face - until the day before my wedding. It was an emotional introduction, as I'm sure you can imagine. I'll never forget the moment I introduced my mother to my "other mother". With tears in each of their eyes, they embraced each other and spent a moment relishing the experience.

I was so blessed to spend my wedding day with both of my mothers. Both of them arrived at my home together, to help me get ready for my big day. They both helped me prepare food, and get my home ready for the open house we were going to hold there (instead of a big reception). They both forgot about themselves, and focused once again, on me - and on my big day.

Over the years, I've learned many lessons from my mothers. The one that immediately comes to mind though is this...

In September of 2000, I got a call from a "search angel" who was trying to locate a female who had been placed for adoption in January 1975 in Bellevue, Illinois. She was searching on behalf of a woman who had placed her daughter and was now trying to make contact. After spending a few minutes talking, it quickly became apparant that this woman was searching for me. I answered a few questions - and asked a few of my own. I knew as soon as she answered one of my questions that the woman she was searching for was indeed, the woman who had given birth to me.

After we hung up, I immediately thought of my family; more specifically - my parents. How would they react to such an event? What kind of change would this bring to my family, and my relationship with them? I love my family - and didn't want to do anything that would destroy or diminish any of our relationships with them.

I called my father, and first shared the news with him - and I hoped he would call my mother and share it with her to. He didn't.

I later called my mother, hoping Dad had somehow started the conversation - but he didn't even hint to it. So, I asked her to sit down, because I had something I needed to share with her. I told her about the phone call, the questions, and my questions. I also told her that I felt sure that the woman that the angel was searching for was my birthmother. After a short pause (well, it seemed like forever) I asked my mom what her thoughts were. Before she would answer, she asked me how I was feeling and my thoughts on the matter. After we spent a while chatting, I asked her again what her thoughts were. She said the most profound thing.

Her answer was, "Heather, there's enough love in this world for everyone."

That simple response has remained with me since then. She's right. There is enough love in this world for everyone.

I am so grateful that Sheri had enough foresight to think of my well being and place me for adoption. Sheri is an incredible, wonderful woman. I am blessed to have her (and her family) in my life.

I am eternally grateful that my mother and father adopted me, and chose to pick me to be part of their family. I could not have chosen a better family if I had done it myself. I am SO VERY blessed to be part of the Beste family, and will forever, for eternity, be part of their family. I am who I am today because of them, their influence, their teachings, their personality, their talents, and their love.

Thanks Mom! Because of you, I am me!


Robyn said...

Thank you for sharing such a sweet, personal story. It is very touching and you have obviously been very blessed! Both of your mother's sound super special!

Anonymous said...

You are a very special young woman! Giving you up for adoption was THE hardest thing I have ever done, but absolutely THE best! I, too, have been blessed with your parents, knowing they have loved you, taught you how to love and led by such and extraordinary example of how married and family life should be. I will be forever greatful for them ... you are right ... they are awesome! You will be a spectacular mother one day and I am so looking forward to getting to be a grandma! I love you Heather, thank you for the loving tribute! Your "other" mother.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweetpea.You have written a very touching tribute to both of us.Personally, your dad and I will be forever grateful to Sherri for her special gift of love. It takes a lot of love and unselfishness to put anothers best interests ahead of your own personal desires. We were very pleased to get to know Sherri - and it couldn't have happened at a more appropriate event! It was fun (and at times touching) to be able to share with her some things about your growing up years that you hadn't already shared.I, too, know you will be a wonderful mother.You just can't beat your combination of genetics and environment! Love you much, Mom