Happy Birthday to Steve!

Today is Steve's birthday! Wahoo! My dear, sweet honey is celebrating the beginning of his 33rd year alive. He's such a super dude! Seriously! I {love} him! It's a good thing too, seeing as how we're married, eh? :)

To celebrate, we went to dinner at the Saltgrass Steakhouse Restaurant of Texas (aka... Saltgrass). Tom and my friend Daryl joined us for the festivities. I requested that the waitstaff sing to both Steve and Tom - and they did it in grand Texas style. (Tom's birthday was Friday, April 28th.) Our food was delicious (they never fail to impress at Saltgrass!), and the company was fantastic.

I'm so blessed to have Steve in my life! He's the best husband I could have ever had the luck of finding (or him finding me)! Happy Birthday, Honey!


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