Changes, Reality, and other brain musings...

WOW... just when you think life is starting to calm down and smooth out... something always seems to happen that adds a few wrinkles.

Last Thursday, in our team huddle at work, we learned that the possibility of our department being absorbed into another department was paramount. In fact, it was definitely going to happen, but they didn't know when, or if any of us would also be absorbed. They had hoped to have some information to us about the process/plan within a week so so, and so we all went back to work - pondering on changes when we had time. Then, Friday morning we all recieved a meeting request. In the meeting we were told that our department would be "decentralized to our Wholesale branches" and that our last day would be March 15th. WOW...

There are many things I am grateful. Fortunately, we were offered a severance package based on our tenure. Awesome! SO grateful for that! We were also given notice - even more grateful for that. In today's market, many companies would have just laid everyone off. But, they chose not to. They say it's easier to find a job when you have one - well I have one for about 2 more weeks - bring on the ease! :)

Suprisingly, I'm not freaking out. We need the income that I bring home for our budget. Steve is most certainly freaking out internally - he's the money man. I know that God is mindful of my needs, and of the needs of my family. He isn't going to let us suffer unbearably, and He'll take care of us - if I do my part. So, I'm working to do my part.

There are a few pieces to my silver lining. If I can't find a job right away, I'll have the time to get the items sold on eBay that I want sold. I haven't had the time to devote the amount of concentration necessary to be productive. I'll also have the time to get a few other things around the house accomplished that I've intended to do, but haven't done. I'll have time to make a few quick visits to see family. What fun that could be! I'll also have time to relax and do a bit of creating... would really love to do that without worrying about other items or tasks waiting on me.

So, although changes happen, good things can come from them!


Anonymous said...

Don't you get unemployment down there in Texas? Nothing like being paid to stay at home...only for a few months though. I'm ready to go back....very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I've email you.


Jennifer Stewart said...


So sorry about the job situation! But you are right, God has something all planned out for you...something even more wonderful. :) I love your attitude!