What I Love About You: The Start

I've thought, and thought, and thought about what I could get you for Valentines Day. I know there's nothing we need, nothing you are dying to own - we are so blessed. I made you a coupon book last year for Valentines day, and a mini album for your birthday last year too. So, making you something creative would be repetative, and I didn't want to do that.

So, in keeping with the unusual I'm dedicating a blog totally to YOU. You are so important to me. You are the sunshine in my life. You are my husband, lover, and friend. You make me want to be a better person - and for that I am grateful. So, I'm going to post the various things I love about you; the things you do for me, the extra efforts you go to for me, the little things you do to make my life easier, the stupid things you do that drive me crazy - but make you more loveable. Everything I love about you will be here.

You can come check it out at anytime to see why I love you, and what you have done lately to make me happy and love you more!

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