The "Official" Studio Box Count

Okay, so honestly - I haven't finished unpacking. Actually, about 1/2 of the unpacking has been done - so I'm well on my way to having it done. Man - I'm going to have some serious eBay stuff up on the auction block! I have oodles of awesome stuff - but I just haven't used it and may never use it.

But, I digress! Part of what I have won't go to eBay - it will go into an awesome prize package for one of you!! How exciting! Well, the grand count of boxes ..... if I had a drum roll noise I'd insert it here... is.... I can't freakin' believe how much stuff I have..... is .... I'm almost embarassed... I have way too much stuff..... so much that I can't possibly fit it all into my new room (yes, I'm publically admitting it..... drum roll please........ I should stop buying stuff - or accepting boxes from manufacturers....... okay here it is... final drum roll please....... 92.5 boxes!!!

I'll have to go through and see who won - but I'll post that soon!

Creatively Yours,

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msjonnalee said...

oh, please let it be me......

seriously that is a lot of scrappin stuff....