Happy Mail!

For those of you who follow Stacy Julians blog, or who have joined her Big Picture Scrapbooking site , may be familiar with Happy Mail. I am happy to share that I am the proud recipient of Happy Mail from Stacy Julian! Imagine my suprise when I arrived home and had her sweet envelope waiting for me? Stacy has some seriously fantastic handwriting - so jealous! In it, was loads of pink and green JellyBelly's, a darling pin that has "Think BIG" on it, and a fantastically fabulous package of Sweedish Fish! Oh, and one cannot forget the cool sparkling snowlike confetti! It brought a big smile to my day! Thank you Stacy!

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T. said...


That is just *Too* cool! Congrats!
I have to say that getting "The Big Picture" book yesterday was my own form of happy mail. Love it!

As an aside, you probably don't remember me from CKU-A Dallas. I was one of the quietest people there and at the Scrappity-doo-dah crop beforehand. But from the CKU-A Yahoo group I got your blog site & have been following along ever since. When you switched to Blogger recently, you inspired me to try this "blog-thing" for myself and now I wonder why I didn't try sooner. I've greatly enjoyed the saga of relocating your scrap room, having done the same myself last January.

I just thought I'd let you know that I really enjoy your posts!
Theresa Erwin