So, I've been working away on my Memory Trends projects, thinking this whole time that Memory Trends was the week of October 17th. Well, for those of you who don't know... it's the week of October 10th. Yes, a week ahead of my mental schedule.

What does that mean?? That means, that I - yes yours truly, did not get my Maya Road projects shipped out in time to be part of the Maya Road booth. Yes, my work was in vain. I am an idiot! I really can't believe I didn't realize when Memory Trends was. I'll post photos of what I created over the next few days. We're planning (fingers crossed) to move my studio into Steve's house this weekend (assuming I get the unpacking done that I want to get accomplished tonight), so time is going to be full with other pursuits.

Here are a few of my favorite Magic Scraps projects (fortunately, they didn't need to be shipped!):

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