Packing up my studio

Have you ever moved your craft space into another home? It seems like I do every year or so. Moving it into Steve's space is very interesting. While I have a room of my own - organizing it just how I want it to be is a challenge. I LOVE to organize - well get it initially organized. Keeping it that way is my problem. When I'm creating - it's a disaster! Seriously, a huge mess.

Trying to pack everything up is not fun. I see something fun and I want to play with it instead of put it away. Do you ever have that problem? And then, there's always the problem of getting to put something into the trash and realizing that it would look really cool on something altered, or would be really awesome for an ATC. It's a wonder how I throw anything away, really it is. I can't bring myself to trash anything I find useful, pretty, or could perhaps be necessary later. I really need to work on letting go of my stuff!

When I moved into my current space, I had over 30 boxes of stuff. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that would be THIRTY boxes of craft stuff (or craft crap as I've often heard it called). And, amazingly, my collection has only grown over the last year or so. Working with and for other companies only assures that products will arrive on a regular basis. Using them up - before the next one arrives, is IMPOSSIBLE! But, I sure do enjoy each package!

Okay, so today we're going to have a contest! I know, don't wet your pants with excitement. Whomever can guess how many boxes it takes to pack up my studio will get a fantastic prize. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but it'll be something fantabulous! I promise it!

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