Talk about BUSY....

I am going to be running FULL throttle for the next week or so! One would normally think of the pending weekend as a time to relax and enjoy doing nothing. Not my weekend! Tommorrow, I have a list of things to do that makes my mind spin! For starters, they are:

  1. Steve and I need to get our wedding registries started. (My co-workers have already started asking me what they should get, etc. We've only been engaged for 6 days!!) We're looking at Target (they're everywhere), Bed Bath & Beyond, and Linens and Things. Do you have any reccomendations of other places we should shoot for? Linens and Things are basically the same store, right?
  2. Steve and I are going to head over to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to scope out potential wedding sites. I know we can have it at the church for nada, but I'd love (and so would Steve) to have a lovely outdoor wedding. In October, it would be ideal weatherwise. The ceremony is going to be UBER short - like 15 minutes tops - so the no chair thing (well max of 10 chairs) probably won't be an issue!
  3. I really REALLY want to get over to a crop that some girlfriends are attending at the Lewisville Scrapbook Warehouse on Saturday night. I don't know if I'm going to be too exhausted though. It's starting to look that way!
  4. I want to list some more of my extra scrapbooking items onto eBay. Not only will it save me from moving them into my new studio, but I can make some money to pay for this wedding thing! :) I have a bunch of QuicKutz, Stampin' Up stuff, and other great items! I just don't need them all!
  5. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
  6. I REALLY need to help out around the house! I need to clean my bathroom before someone does it for me. I need to tidy up my bedroom before someone else does that too! I'm sure it would be helpful if I actually vacuumed up another room too!
  7. Unpacking. Steve and I have been getting truck loads of my stuff from the storage unit. I wanted it all unpacked before we got married or even started registries so that we would know what we really need and what we don't. Steve was a total stud and picked up a load of stuff on his own yesterday. I have that load to unpack, and one that we had waiting! YIKES!
  8. Putting together furniture. Steve purchased a few items for me to utilize in my new studio, and they need to be assembled. We got this great shelf at Costco (it will go into the closet) and this awesome unit at Ikea. Have I shared my love of Ikea? If they had a registry, we would definitely be partaking in that experience. But, alas - they don't. Poor me, right? Anyway, the units need to be put together so that as I unpack (see bulletpoint above) I have somewhere to put the craft items away. (suprise, not everything was in my studio!)
    Scrapbooking! I need to get going on displays, projects, and samples for at least two companies. And, they need to be done SOON. Imagine that, something else that needs to get done SOON! :)
  9. Church and Church. This week, we're going to attend Steve's ward (Trophy Club) and my favorite ward (Hurst First). Thats like 6 hours of church if we attend all three hours of both wards. I'm going to be tired from just church if I'm not careful!

Can you see why I'm exhausted already? Put me in bed and call me DONE!

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