Random Things...

Well this whole tagging thing is running around like a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose". I've been tagged by Caroline. Now, I need to list 5 random things about myself (as if I'm not random enough as it is!)

  1. I was president of Future Homemakers of America... in GERMANY. I know! Deep down, you're shocked! I used to win contests with my cooking and other homemaking skills. Would you know it now?
  2. Both my left and right ear have been pierced three times, but I only wear earrings in the first hole.
  3. I was born with coal black hair. It went blonde almost instantly (what does that say about my intelligence level??). Everyone used to ask my mother why she would frost a babies hair. As if... she hates it when I color my hair. She always says "why, WHY do you insist on screwing with your hair??" I LOVE having different hair colors!!
  4. I have big, flat feet.
  5. The first time I met someone who rubber stamped (two women actually) I thought they were mad (as in crazy). They had oodles of rubber stamps, and they LOVED to play with them. I played with them a few times, but didn't catch the bug. Now, I have more rubber stamps than both of them put together! Who knew.....

Okay, so I know that one of them has done this already too, but I'm tagging two of my Heather friends. That's Heather B. and Heather H! You're it!

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