Plenty of rambling thoughts...

BEWARE: This post will be full of rambling thoughts....

I've come to the conclusion that my teeth will never be white-white. I need to learn how to be happy with ivory teeth. I've gone through almost every whitening kit available (and EVERY Crest white strips kit on the market) and I can't tell a difference. I've even done a professional kit from my dentist (a few years ago). I'm stuck. Ivory teeth it will forever be.

Who knew how expensive hotel accomodations could be?? My goodness! I'm trying to research rooms for two nights (checking in on 10/21 and out on 10/23) and they're all over $60 a night! I didn't think that my little town (or Steve's for that matter) was such a happening place. Nutso!

Why is it that clothing manufacturers can't keep their sizes the same? Why is it that a Lane Bryant 14 drowns me, but that a Dockers 14 fits? Why is it that an Ambercrombie large tshirt fits, but that an Old Navy large t drowns me? It is SO frustrating!!!

How is it that flights can vary so much from day to day? I found a flight for $180 on Friday, and today it's $240. It's the same freakin' flight, AND it's more than 30 days ahead of time. If I wait to buy the ticket, will it go up again or down?

Why do protein drinks have such horrible tastes? I HATE aftertaste!!!

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