Conversation with My Boy #1

I've not had any energy as of late. In fact, I've not had any urge, inkling, or gumption to do much of anything. I've found myself consistently nauseous, incredibly irritable, and regularly exhausted. Though I have grand intentions of creating (and am often found daydreaming of doing so), I have not. Currently, napping is a huge priority in my life.

All signs are pointing to the same cause.

I am with child.

And, by all signs, this one is here to stay.

We are excited! Fred is (occasionally, and mostly) thrilled! We'll have some big changes coming to our family come late fall!

And with that, most of my life revolves around this little 3 year old whose vocabulary and grasp of English sentence structure impresses me on an increasing occasion.

Though, this isn't a great example, here is one of our most recent conversations.

Me: Freddy, how old will you be on your next birthday.
Freddy: I don't know. How about you tell me? Wait! I know. I will be four years old!
Me: That's right! Good job, Buddy!
Freddy: When I turn 4 I get to drive!
Me: Um. Not quite. You can drive when you turn sixteen. That is, if you're an eagle scout.
Freddy: Sixteen? Oooooooooh. That's a long time!

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