Where oh Where.....

So, I've been missing for quite a while. Shocking? Not so much. Seriously.

Life is what happens when life gets into the way. Know what I mean? My job is crazy and I tend to work absurd hours. Not because it's completely required, but because I see something that needs to be done, and on the schedule it needs to be done on. I'm a sucker.

And it's all going to change.

At least a little bit anyway.

You see, by some miracle of miracles, without any medical intervention, and without any specific scheduling, charting, or other fertility plan, somehow our bodies aligned and things went where they were supposed to go, swimmers were embraced, and well..... I'm pregnant.


As of today's ultrasound, I am 7 weeks 6 days along and due in December - the very very end of December. Here's the flutter of our little bean - the bean in my belly!

We're thrilled. I'm exhausted - way more than ever ever before, and I'm not really sick, just a bit here and a bit there.

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