Meet the {Hell} House

On the outside it really looks quite friendly and fun. Don't you agree?

The inside however, not so much.


My very own Hell House.


You know those smart people who say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover?
They were right.

Dang gum smart people.


Lots of big changes and repairs on the horizon. Big changes. HUGE repairs.
This is what I came home to the other day.

It makes you want to come right over for dinner, doesn't it?

On the upswing, I'm glad we're finding things out now and that we don't have and children to keep out of the mess. If there was an opportune time to get things done, I suppose now is a good of a time as any. Granted, I wouldn't have picked it. But, I'll deal with it.
When we're done, this house is going to ROCK.



Sometimes, it's a REALLY good thing that I can lock myself into my studio and ignore the rest of the house. Except for when I must go and relieve myself. Diet Coke and Isopure drinks have a way of doing that to you. Especially when you down Diet Cokes in 44oz Sonic cups.
Without Sonic tasty beverages, I would have lost my mind. Thank you Sonic!
Steve isn't so appreciative. He thinks I need a Sonic budget.
Bring it On!
Unlimited Sonic Diet Cokes?
Bring it.
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