Oh the crazyness...

It's a miracle. Seriously. A miracle of amazing proportions.

It hasn't rained in almost two days!

I know. Really I do. You're thinking "good night, Heather.... it's just rain. AND it doesn't happen often in North Texas."

And you're right.

But for kriminey's sake... it's been raining for almost a solid month.

Every day.

EVERY ever-lovin' day.


I'm ready for some hot Texas sun. It would be great if we didn't have to deal with mosquitos, but I don't see that happening. Not by a LONG shot. But, I can get a Costco load of OFF. I don't mind spraying myself down - especially if it's sunny outside.

Lots of things happening on the house front. Not fun things. Not fun by a bazillion gazillion times. Seriously. But, let's not talk about such depressing and overwhelming things.

Instead let's talk about fun photos! My fab-o friend Heather came over and we took some fun photos to use for our "we've moved" cards. They were fun to do, and our neighbors think we're nuts. I guess it's good they figured it out now. It'll save us all time later.

I'm deep in the deeps of CHA prep. Maya Road has come out with some really fun and fantastic products to release at this show. Check out Caroline and Deb's blogs for some sneakie peekies. Seriously - some fun fun stuff! I can't wait to show you what I've been working on. One of the projects is a fun Princess album full of my friend Amy's Disney photos. She was a doll for letting me use them.

And in other happy news, Silver Bella is only a few months away. It's going to be SUCH fun. Seriously! I've had a load of fun getting to know the other attendee's on our Yahoo! Group message board. Really, they're oodles of fun - and full of support when you need a smile or a virtual hug. I really can't wait to reunite with the gals from last year and meet the fabulous new Bellas from this year.
Oooh and the next season of Grey's Anatomy is only a few months away from starting. Color me HAPPY! Seriously, I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

How CUTE you two are!! Love the photo of you guys in the doorway. It's perfect!

SSgtBullsGirl said...

i soooo love thes photos of you and steve. i so wish i was going to cha, but tucker thinks and knows her 8th birthday is far more important. have a great time, hope to see you soon.
le anne

Lilli in Vancouver said...

You're so Funny :) What a great attitude, and you and Steve look cute together! I've got a Steve too, so I know that yours must be a keeper.

just jenn said...

Those are some super cute photos Heather! You are looking great girl! I hope to get to see you sometime soon as I miss our fun times together. It's definitely been awhile.

Maija said...

I adore that photo of your hubby loving on you!!! What a treasure!