Have You Ever...

Have you ever spent time getting something just how you thought you wanted it, only to realize that it's not quite right when you're finished?

That's how I'm feeling about my studio today. I bolted home, got dinner on the table, spent some time with Steve, and then made a Sonic run (haven't made it back on the wagon yet.... LOL) so that when I got home I could work on my studio - my creative space. I hung the curtains, and while I like the concept and design - I wish I had done them differently (longer and thinner panels). I love the colors I chose for the room (black, turquise/teal, and cream) but something's missing - and i don't know quite what yet. I know I want to find a vintage window pane to hang above my Expedit unit (from IKEA), but haven't made the time on a weekend to go find it in Keller. I need to simplify my display collections (oodles of stamps) and figure out a clearer way to display my "H" collection. I realized that my magnetic board looks plain, and I need to gussy/bling it up, but I haven't started to even think of how. I know, I know... such a trivial life I lead.

I guess I'm just kind of bummed. I had visions of grandeur - and they didn't come to fruition. Rather, they haven't yet.
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