I am feeling uber inspired today!

I am a serious blog stalker, and have lists of blogs that read. Some I read daily (I even check some of the blogs multiple times a day), some I read weekly. I'm always finding things here and there that inspire me to create. Sometimes it's an outfit on Sometimes it's something on a message board, in a gallery, or in someone elses blog. But, regardless of where I find it - I'm constantly inspired by others.

Last week, as I started getting excited about SilverBella, I searched for the blogs of those who attended last years event - Jingle Bella (LOVE that word combination!) and I found some awesome posts! I was thrilled to see that some of the attendees shared their projects with readers. There was some major talent busting a move that weekend - and I'm sure there will be for this years event too. One of the classes that specifically caught my eye was a canvas project taught by Becky Novacek. I don't know what she called the class, probably something like "O Christmas Tree", but I LOVE it! I am dying to going to create one for myself!

So, I have it sketched out, products to use selected, and canvas purchased. Now, it's a matter of sitting down and getting it done. Becky's canvas is SO darling - I HAVE to do it! I wish I had made it to JingleBella last year - I know I would have had a blast!

It's an AWESOME thing that I feel inspired because Memory Trends is RIGHT around the corner, and I have a bunch of projects to design for Maya Road. Caroline and Deb have really put together a fun set of product releases for this show - I can't wait to show them to you!

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