Lessons I've Recently Learned (again)

  • Although the sun is awesome, it isn’t always my friend.
  • Sunscreen doesn’t always work.
  • Umbrellas don’t always stay put.
  • While not wearing a bra in public is awesome, wearing a camisole instead isn’t much better.
  • Not wearing pantyhose is awesome, but realizing your legs are hairy – is gross.
  • Aloe Vera doesn’t do much.
  • Solarcaine doesn’t do much either.
  • Naproxyn (Alleve) will help to take the pain edge of the sunburn off.
  • Pain is your companion when you have a bad (really bad) sunburn.
  • Sleeping in the nude is not a good way to keep your husband away.
  • People think sunburns are funny. Unless they make you cry. Then they feel bad for laughing (but they still think it’s funny).

All in all, it's slowly starting to get better. I'm still in pain and the nerves are starting to come back to life. I'm getting the sharp pointy poky pains as they do which TOTALLY sucks, but I guess it's a sign that I'm healing.

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