My Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wow… what a weekend! Seriously, SO much happened and I had to actually take a day off to recover (more about that later). I made it out to McAllen, TX to visit my sister and her family. They are SO darn cute. Arissa has a growing vocabulary and is testing out new words as you say them (note to Aunt Heather: It is IMPERITIVE that you watch what words you use around her. She does pick up the bad ones… and quite quickly). Michael is a bundle of boy energy and a constant stream of emotion (of course what would you be when you’re surrounded by two sisters and a mommy?). He’s learning the fine art of going potty, and not getting the stinkies EVERYWHERE. (Seriously… EVERYWHERE). Ainsley is as adorable as a one year old can possibly be – and is the definite attention grabber. Rather, if you don’t give her attention, she’ll fake cry until someone (anyone) does. So cute!

As with life, there’s a good side and a bad side to everything. Here are a few of my outtakes from the weekend (it really was wonderful).

Seeing the Kids
The Good: They love me. I love them. They love to cuddle with me. Arissa insists that I sleep with her (awwww!). They love the presents I bring them.
The Bad: They want to be ON me all the time. They always ask if I have more presents (note to self: saving kids meal toys is a GREAT idea. May need to rethink the doling them out in shifts though.)
The Ugly: Arissa kicks ALL night long.

The Good: I let myself eat whatever I want to when I’m visiting family. Enjoying tasty food, and relishing the moment. Enjoying it with Bekki and her family. Finding the recipe for Olive Gardens San Remo Dip!
The Bad: I don’t eat ½ of what I buy.
The Ugly: I do it EVERYTIME I come to visit.

Faith of a Child
The Ugly: It started pouring buckets on our way to the beach. It doesn't rain very often in Texas, so this is a BIG deal.
The Bad: We had already been driving for an hour when the rain started
The Good: Arissa said we should say a prayer for the rain to stop so we can go play in the water. She said a prayer to Heavenly Father, and the rain literally stopped.

South Padre Island / The Gulf of Mexico
The Good: beautiful water, gorgeous beach, lots of fun, great food, lovely nap on a beach chair on my tummy, umbrellas and beach chairs. Frosty Beverages. Watching the kids have such a great time in the water and playing with their father.
The Bad: forgot to put sunscreen on the backside of my body.
The Ugly: Arissa's prayer worked TOO well. The horrible sunburn I have from my neck to my ankles – all along my backside. (Seriously, I’ve never been burnt THIS bad in my life – and I’ve had some doozies over my 29+ years)

The Good: The fact that I can shop at K-mart, get work clothes that no one else in Dallas will have. Even better, no one knows I bought them cheap at Kmart. AND that it was on Texas’s Tax Free Weekend. Having my sister (the RN of the family) with me.
The Bad: Long LONG lines, hot store, and Tax Free Weekend.
The Ugly: Basically passing out in K-mart while having a lovely Heat Stroke episode (no seizure)

Tortilla Factory
The Good: Haven’t ever been to a real Mexican tortilla factory. Bought lots of great tortillas to bring home. Had an awesome barbacoa taco.
The Bad: Forgot to pack up the sweet stuff to bring home.
The Ugly: Once I got home, the tortillas tasted the same as the ones I buy here do. Oh well.

Ainsley’s Birthday Party
The Good: So fun to watch her devour her first birthday cake in true Beste tradition (basically, they normally sit on a sheet and do whatever they want to the cake itself after everyone has gotten a slice – or in her case after everyone had gotten a cupcake). She flipped the cake over, ate the cake and THEN discovered the frosting.
The Bad: I was craving chocolate frosting in the worst way. But, I was FREEZING (related to the Ugly part of Kmart).
The Ugly: Cake was EVERYWHERE in every crevice the poor girl has! But, it was SO fun!

The Good: She recognizes that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight.
The Bad: She likes to play with my saggy arms (specifically my church lady wings), but tells me they are soft (while laughing).
The Ugly: She starts to laugh hysterically when she sees me leave the bathroom (after putting on my swim suit and shorts) and says “Heather, your arms are SOOOO skinny, but your legs are SOOOOO fat!” (Note to the world: I have VERY saggy legs [thighs}. I admit it, it’s gross. But, there’s nothing I can do aside from having them lifted, and honestly, I really want to see if working out harder will fix it).

So that’s about it folks. I had a lot of fun, but am seriously paying for it now. Thankfully, I finally made it home. I can’t wear a bra (hard life), it’s incredibly painful to sit, and my family is teasing me incessantly (something about the whitest white girl trying to get a tan… which is SO not what happened). I had to call in to work because I honestly can’t sit in a chair and couldn’t possibly make dress code without the bra issue. All in all, it was a great weekend. I loved on my nieces and nephew and will continue with the title of “Best Aunt Ever!”.

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