I don't know how she (or you) do it...

Seriously. I don't know how my mother managed to raise 4 kids into upstanding and good people, without killing one of us. Seriously. At times, I was one heck of a rotton teenager. I'm sure I was pretty typical, but having a 17 year old in the house (and trying to understand her)forces me to think back to what I was like at that age. I don't know how my mother did it. She deserves huge accolades - by far more than I can simply provide on my blog.

Do any of you have tips for dealing with teenage girls, their hormones, the drama they create, the bitterness, the "I want to be treated like an adult" but not act like a adult thing, and the general overall dealing with them - without strangling them?

I know that not much time was put into teaching her how to do things, and I'm trying to spend the time teaching her now. She doesn't appreciate an ounce of it - and I think she even resents it. (Which I probably did at her age too.) But, if someone doesn't take the time now, she'll never learn, and if she does learn later on it will probably be because of a huge ordeal and not something simple.

It's a good thing that children start as babies - I couldn't handle it otherwise.

Seriously. No joke. How do you do it?

By the way, if you didn't already guess, I loved my mother before any of this started. She really IS incredible. She isn't just incredible though, she is AMAZING. She knows how to do almost EVERYTHING. I'm SO glad that she and I are friends now (it happened after I finished the teenager thing).
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