Catching Up...

Well, my work for CHA is officially over - and now the fun can begin! My projects and pieces have all been delivered (over 25 of them! YIKES), and are getting ready to be displayed at this point. Such a relief to have that behind me - GREAT I tell ya!

This weekend is going to be full of nothing but FUN! Saturday is all about "CHA in Spirit Day!" I went through my Maya Road boxes (yes, BOXES) and put together a grundle of fun prizes and RAKS to be divied out during the day. (Caroline donated one of the NEW!! 4"x4" chipboard binder albums too!) Many others put a lot of work into it also. The Pubster Peas are sure to have a complete blast! If you're not a pubster, you're welcome to stop by and play with us too! We're not into keeping others out!

My hostessing hour will be full of fun trivia and other questions. It's going to be great fun!

Other than that, here are a bunch of bulletpoints as to what's going on over here:
  • We're still working on the interior paint selection for the main living space of the house. About 1/2 of the walls are done in a color I adore, but the other two (BIG walls) are not. It's been a matter of great fun debate. Steve wanted a lighter color to go up the wall and wrap the ceiling with. I didn't. But, as it goes, we comprimised. Tom is coming over to paint today. Hopefully when I get home - it'll all be done! YAY! Then, I can work on the wall-graffiti! Yahoo!
  • Daryls divorce is FINAL! YAY! So happy for him! He's back in Dayton now. If any of you Dayton-ites are fun and single, let me know! He's a BLAST! He'll be here in a few weeks on TDY, looking forward to spending some fun time with him.
  • The Garage Sale was a HUGE hit! SO glad I participated! I made a nice tight bundle, and used it for almost nothing productive. A chunk of it did go (wisely) to my credit card though. I'll be participating again in September. I'll be sure to keep you posted!
  • My studio is in total dissaray. Saturday is reorganizing day. I know, you're shocked really. I've always had a great fondness for artsy crafty stuff. Normally it's somewhat tidy (as I've learned to keep it that way over the last few years), but with CHA deadlines, GASC, the Garage Sale, and just general other stuff, it's become a disaster.
  • I'm working on my travel schedule for the next few months. I'm incredibly loaded for the next two, but will have some time to schedule classes in September and October. So far, on the travel agenda, I have SLC next weekend), McAllen, Texas the weekend after that. Fortunately, I'll be home for the next two weekends after that - but they are full of classes. The last weekend in August Steve and I are heading out to Ohio - so he can see where I spent the 7 years of my life BEFORE Texas (and so he can figure out my affinity towards hot wings and Cincinnatti Style Chili!)
  • I've been very dilligent (yay me) at getting up and being at the gym when they open at 5am. Yes, 5am. After reading how Melody (seriously LOVE her blog - and her entire product line... SLURP!!) dedicated herself to toning up, AND seeing the results she had AFTER having 5 children - I think I can do it too. You would htink that getting up at 5 am would be the hard part. It isn't for me - I'm a morning person! The hard part, is making additional "wise" eating decisions and watching what goes into my body. I've regressed in my weight loss (no, I haven't gained "the" weight back) but I have started drinking Diet Coke again. YIKES! I love the stuff. I know that if I cut it out, and go back to drinking water only, I could drop the last 20 or so pounds I want to.

I think that ties everything off.

Happy Crafting!

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SSgtBullsGirl said...

I can give you my home address to mail me some of that YUMMY Maya Road stuff *wink
Huggs & Kissi
Le Anne