Poor Arissa....

Today isn't a good day for Arissa. She is at the doctors office having allergy testing done. The kind of allergy testing where they poke you dozens of times with different items (grass, pollen, etc) to see what you're allergic to. I guess she's been having LOTS of ear infections (I had them as a kid too, but wasn't tested like this...) and the doctors want to find out what's causing the inflamation which causes the fluid build up which causes the ear infection... poor baby. She has been crying about it for two days (Daddy told her she was going to be poked lots of times.... mean daddy). Side note: Rissa cries like her mother. Her face gets all red and splotchy - and then the waterworks pour.

I'm ready to give Rissa lots of love when she gets home. We've got the fun stuff to paint our toes, and to add a bit of bling too!

We're going to Mexico today. How strange is it that they can just pop over to Mexico for the heck of it. It's like 20 minutes away. My goal? To buy some vanilla! You can buy a HUGE bottle of pure vanilla extract (not the imitation stuff we normally have in the US) for like a buck! Yes, $1!! It's seriously like liquid gold - LOOOOVE it! I want to get that and some tomato buillion. Yum! Lots of baking and cooking will be happening at my house!

In honor of vanilla shopping... I'll RAK a bottle of this precious liquid to one of today's comment posters. I'll print out everyone's post and have Rissa pull one of them out of a bowl. So, leave a comment with your favorite way to use vanilla!! :)
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