All is good....

It's 9:37pm CST. The kids are in bed, Bekki and Shaun are off to Wally World. The bazillion and one people who have stopped by to visit them since they left are gone - and I'm not answering the door anymore. (Seriously, who stops by a friends home - a friend with LITTLE kids mind you - without calling or anything, to VISIT.... after 9pm?? HELLOOOO people... anyway... off the soapbox.) Phone calls? They never stop... seriously... NEVER stop. Actually the phone is ringing right now - not answering their phone. It's THEIR phone... :)

Who knew that I'd have so much time to update my blog? I don't have this much time when I'm at my home! :)

Mexico was fun. We parked in the US and walked across a bridge to enter into Mexico. You're asked to NOT give money to the beggars. The president of Mexico has created and funded all kinds of programs for the less fortunate. However, I'm told that it's more financially beneficial for people to take their children out of school and have them begging on the street. It's sad - they're EVERYWHERE!

I snagged up a few fun purchases. A dress, a shirt, sunglasses, vanilla, tomato boullion (still think it's strange - but am TOTALLY into trying it at home!!!), a small garlic braid, and a few other Mexican treats for Steve and his brother. We had lunch at a fancy schmancy restaurant that was definitely there to cater to Americans. It was tasty! They had a warm salsa (call me American or whatever - but I prefer cold salsa) and THICK corn chips. Everything was mighty tasty - and of course I didn't clean my plate. I did enjoy every minute of it though!

Fun tidbits from Michael today....

When he gives you a hug, the does it in the style of european greeting kisses. You get one on each side of your face! How cute is that! He's a very affectionate little boy - and very emotional to boot. But's he's adorable and is learning to talk like you wouldn't believe (well maybe YOU would believe it, but it amazes me!). He's the chow hound of the family. He'd be happy eating and drinking ALL day long - if you would let him! :) Due to his large quantity drinking habit, he's also very well versed in having his diaper leak! MAJOR leakage on our way to Mexico today! :) I'm sure Bekki is just DYING to have him want to be potty trained!

He is also completely enamoured with the jumbo Lego's. He and Arissa created a stack and called it a Temple. Then, a bit later - he destroyed it. He started bawling because he destroyed the Temple. Poor kid.... he's in for a world of learning. Especially if he's already destroying sacred objects! :)

Okay, Bekki and Shaun are now home. Remember that phone call? Yeah, it was them. Calling me. Calling me to find out what I wanted from DQ. Nice, eh? At least they brought me a yummy anyway! :) Gotta love that!

Don't forget to post your comments to the earlier post about vanilla! Rissa will be choosing a winner tommorrow afternoon! :)

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