About Me

In 2004, I decided to start this "web log" because I like to write AND I heard that blogging was uber cool. It was also supposed to be the way to become popular in the paper, scrapbooking and crafting world. That's who I wanted to be - somebody super cool and creative like the crafty Martha Stewart.  

So, I wrote about crafting. While I've changed my blog name almost as many times as I have changed hairstyles, I have mostly stuck to various renditions of "{everyday}" because I wanted to share creations and thoughts with my blogging friends every day.  I am an ordinary, unfancy, (mostly) simple person by nature. The word everyday, by definition, refers to ordinary, very common occurrences. So the word fits me (or at least my impression of myself), and it has become attached to me as I write. 

When I began blogging, I was very involved in the crafting industry. I was a consumer, designer, instructor, advocate, demonstrator, and addict. I've been fortunate enough to be part of some incredible companies and have been given awesome opportunities over the years. My work has been published many times over and I've really enjoyed working directly with manufacturers and retailers. On occasion, I continue to do freelance design work and find that it works for me, for now. 

During my blog's lifetime, I married the love of my life (Steve) and slowly began refocusing my time away from the professional side of crafting and more towards my new family. Our family expanded by two when our children were born (Freddy - 2008 and Charleigh - 2012).  I've learned to create for myself, that others opinions and thoughts aren't as important as I thought they were. I could not care less about being well known. I'm more interested in finding and befriending those who are discovering and fully enjoying their skills and talents. As long as I am having fun, enjoying myself, hopefully meeting and making a few inspiring friends along the way - I will consider my blog a HUGE success.

My guilty pleasures include Red Vines, pedicures, Diet Cokes, massages, pizza delivery, and Haribo gummy bears.