My Creative Reality

I love to create, quite possibly too much. I often wonder, if perhaps, I have a crafters ADHD of sorts. I find inspiration in everything and everywhere - magazines, blogs, stores, the homes of my friends, clothing, and of course on Pinterest. How does one streamline their creative pursuits or directions?

I feel drawn to create in so many different avenues and directions:

  • I enjoy and want to create pieces of jewelry that are special - custom, upcycled, and/or memory evoking pieces. 
  • I enjoy and want to sew pieces of clothing for my daughter.
  • I enjoy and want to create pretty printables and graphics for others to use.
  • I enjoy and want to create decor items that add coziness and an unexpected twist to our home. 
  • I enjoy and want to customize pillows, bags, and clothing with my embroidery machines and/or with vinyl to share with my friends and family. 
  • I enjoy and want to share the different ways we use essential oils in our home and lives.
  • I enjoy and want to create memory books for my children to look through and realize how much they are loved and adored. 
  • I enjoy and want to cook meals that fill my families hunger pangs and encourages us to continue striving towards healthier living. 
  • I enjoy and want to continue teaching creative workshops - in all of their various winding directions.
  • I enjoy and want to continue helping independent small business owners grow their businesses by streamlining processes and utilizing technology to save them both time and money.
  • I enjoy and want to create cards and other greetings to show my friends and family that I am thinking of them and that I celebrate their accomplishments and embrace their struggles.

I am constantly drawn in all of these creative directions and surrounded by limitless inspiration. I jot down ideas or sketch out the resulting idea and buy the supplies necessary to create my version, and then life happens. I end up getting sidetracked or overwhelmed and then nothing else happens. I can't even begin to count the number of unfinished projects waiting to be completed. 

Even if I had an unlimited supply of free time, I would likely end up spending that time getting further inspired which would only compound my struggles.

Have you ever found yourself in a like situation? How did you determine how to streamline your creativity?

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