Studio Confessions....

Do you ever look around your creative space (wherever that may be) and sit in awe of the masses of items you have procured? In awe of the sheer quantities of items that you may have never even used (not that anyone, but myself would EVER do such a thing!)? Items that perhaps are REALLY cool/neat/awesome and will be SO great to use in your XYZ project, but that project never ever happened.

 Wouldn't it be SO cool if the projects in our heads, happened automatically (perhaps even by super powered mystical being!) if the supplies needed were purchased? (So, like, my creative space would be uber tidy because everything I dreamed of creating, would automatically have been done!) I know that surely I am completely alone in this struggle and current state of the studio.

As I downsized my collections for lifestyle and visitors, I ended up upsizing in new ways. I picked up another creative release method, and with that came an abundance of necessary purchases. And, new storage methods. Of course, LITERALLY just weeks after downsizing on storage furnishings! Don't misunderstand me - I have had a blast! But looking around this space makes me wonder how I ever find room to use it for it's intended purpose (that being, primarily my creative space and secondarily a guest bedroom). Our expected (suspected long term) guest did not arrive (and it brought a BIG sense of relief to my soul!!). But future guests are on the calendar so this room needs to be whipped into shape!

Additionally, I am honored to be invited to teach in a collaborative workshop with 6 other brilliantly creative artists, in Terri Brush's Terri Brush Academy.  Each of our projects are "crown" themed, meaning each project either incorporates a crown or is a crown! You know that is RIGHT up my alley!! Most of our projects (including mine) are to be videoed! Which means, that I simply must put myself into fast forward mode and get this room looking presentable for our students!

Registration opens on Friday, with our event starting on March 13th. Each day a new project with complete instruction will be released. 7 days of crown creations! Personally, it sounds quite blissfull! An ideas on which crown project is mine?

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Unknown said...

So enjoyed your post ! Sounds like my work room ... I end up taking on more classes an purchasing more and more supplies ! Trying to decide what to start on first .