Essential Oils: Traveling and Packing them for On-the-Go

Like many of you, we do a fair amount of traveling. I like to travel to an extent but, honestly, I am a homebody! Clearly, I'm also an avid essential oils user and have found that traveling with my oils is beneficial and necessary for us all. I often get asked for suggestions on how to travel with them so today I'm going to share with you how I travel both in the car or on airplane with them, plus I'm going to share my NINE most important oils to travel with!

The truth is, traveling is hard on your body. I have found that having my essential oils with me is helpful for everyone. I am calmer, more relaxed and, when I get things organized, I'm able to anticipate the things that may come up. Here are the 9 most important essential oils to have when traveling, in my humble opinion. I'm sure there's tons more but if you had to have some, these are my picks!

1. Valor – Diffuse it in the car or apply on yourself (and your traveling companions) to keep you calm and soothed. This oil helps with ADD, hyperactivity, nervousness, and anxiety, too!

2. Peppermint – Put a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and inhale. It will help with car sickness {it REALLY works}. And, peppermint is great for headaches, stomach aches, fever, insect bites and more.

3. Peace & Calming – This is my son’s favorite oil to smell (hooray!). This oil can help you (and your companions!) with the nervousness of an airplane flight, along with Valor it’s a great combo for staying calm and free of anxiety. It also reduces stress, encourages calming, helps with restfulness, and more.

4. Di-Gize – Apply a couple of drops on your tummy when it's upset. Invariably you'll not be eating as well as usual and will likely need something for an upset tummy. Also, helps with indigestion, congestion, constipation, motion sickness, nausea, and more!

5. Deep Relief Roll-On – Sitting on an airplane in a weird position or in a car too long, you'll likely have sore muscles. Apply this roller blend on the spot that is bothering you and it will relieve your achy muscles. This also helps with headaches.

6. Joy – This is my daughter’s favorite oil to smell! Need some happiness? Getting grumpy waiting for things to happen on vacation while traveling to your destination? Apply a few drops on your wrists or chest and this will uplift your mood immediately. I put this on all the time. It's such a great boost for my mood. It’s also a great one to diffuse in your car if your traveling companions are getting cranky!

7. Lavender – This oil is the best for first aid (it’s often referred to as the ‘Swiss army knife” of essential oils). I use it daily for my allergies. Itchy skin, sunburns, or bug bites? Lavender is great for relieving all kinds of skin problems. Also, if you're having trouble sleeping, take a few drops and apply to the bottoms of your feet.

8. Thieves – This blend will help boost your immune system, keep the germs away, and help keep you well while traveling in small spaces with many people around! Scratchy throat? Apply Thieves to your throat with carrier oil! Germs? Rub a couple drops in your hand as sanitizer. Put a couple drops on your feet each night to be sure boost your immune system and not wind up sick when you get home.

9. Stress Away Roll-On – This blend is awesome to use when things are just NOT going well because either I’m stressed out because someone isn't behaving (and we’re at the in-laws! OY!), or we’re lost, or our flight is delayed (or worse – cancelled). I apply it to my wrists and behind my neck, take a few deep cleansing breaths and wait for the stress to diminish. Bonus is that the blend includes vanilla and lime so it’s a sweet smell!

If you'd like to purchase any of these oils go HERE or shoot me a message and I'll get you hooked up! If you have more questions, please feel free to leave those in comments and I'll answer your questions.

When traveling with oils, sometimes, I pack my oils in a travel bag that goes in my suitcase. I make sure that the lids are screwed really tight, then I pop them into an oil travel bag. My favorite style of traveling oil bag is from this store. It's a great bag with just the right amount of padding to keep it light yet protect my oils! The woman who makes them, does really great work and her product reflects her pride in her work. :)

However, if I’m carrying oils onto the plane in my suitcase (instead of checking it in), all of the essential oils I use are less than 3 ounces, so per FSA rules, they’re absolutely fine to take through the security screening. I put the into a gallon size freezer Ziploc bag, and then in between a layer of clothing (typically a cardigan or plane blanket). I’ve done a lot of traveling and I've never had a problem doing it this way – no leaks or breakage. I just pull out that Ziploc bag and stick it with my other stuff that TSA asks us to pull out.

More typically than not though, I have some of my favorite traveling oils with me, in traveling oil bag that sits with me on the plane because more often than not, someone needs them during our flight. These are also the oils that I carry with me in my purse (or diaper/kid bag) every day. I bought small roller ball containers and I create my own blends (15-20 drops essential oils mixed with a carrier oil – currently we love sweet almond oil) It's a great way to get your oils to stretch further and also have them ready to use on the go.

Have you ever traveled with essential oils? What's your best way to organize them?

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