Essential Oils: My Favorite YLEO DiGize

If you follow me at ALL on Facebook, you'll undoubtedly know that I have totally changed how we do sick around here. I'm talking sick, getting sick, feeling sick, totally sick, yacking sick - ALL of it. We're doing everything a little differently now... even allergies, temperatures, boo-boo's, bug bites and more.

Occasionally, I will share one of my favorite (at that point) oils with you. I'll share what the issue was, what oil I used, how we' used it, and the results.

Today, I want to talk about RC.

This little bottle of brilliance is a game changer for us. Spring has started to arrive in North Texas and with that brings allergy and cold season. (With the weather in constant flux it's no wonder! 80 one day and 40 the next... Ugh!) Coughs, congestion, upper respiratory issues, colds... you name it, if it involves breathing or congestion it's happening around here during spring.

This morning, Freddy woke up with a wet, thick, yacky, chesty congestion cough. I know you know the kind of cough I'm talking about. He went to bed without a cough and woke up with a new roommate. Nice.

He plays soccer, and his team was scheduled for a game this morning just a few hours away from when he woke up. He was REALLY looking forward to it but with that cough, I was thinking we would need to stay home for the day and get him better. I asked him about it and gauging by his response, it would have been better to have the world stop spinning. He did not want to miss that game for anything. He asked me if I would just "put his oils on him."

So, I whipped out my bottle of RC and  put it on his feet and then put his socks on. Then, I put it on his chest, along his spine and we went downstairs to have breakfast.

20 minutes later, his cough was almost nonexistent. What cough was left was dry, and not at all wet or chesty. It's one of those oils I never expected to want but can't imagine living without.

Fred's soccer game happened! His team didn't win the game (not by a LONG shot), but I had a very happy little boy. (Now, if only DiGize would make him a better soccer player!!)

RC is a fantastic blend of ten essential oils that are specifically designed to support respiratory challenges including allergies, colds, bronchitis, congestion and sinus inflammation.

RC is very beneficial when diffusing for allergies and congestion. You can apply it topically with a carrier oil, or diffuse at night when combating colds, sore throats, lung infection or sleep apnea. You can also make a hot compress for your chest for cold, lung infection or pneumonia. Put 15 drops of RC in 2 cups of hot water in a bowl. Wet the towel and ring it out and put on chest with a dry towel on top!

If you're interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils shoot me an email or if you want to order them to have in your home, read up here!

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