2012... It Was Nice Knowin' Ya...

It is the year 2013.

Seriously people... 2013. The same year that Marty McFly was going to arrive at, and WAY WAY in the future mind you, in the movie Back to the Future.

I officially feel old.

It won't last long, and I'm okay if it does. I've lived some life. I'm okay with that too.

Looking back at my memories of 2012, it seems like it flew by in a blink.

But, while I was living it, it wouldn't hurry up and get over.

I want life to slow down so that I can relish the great things that are occurring. Even, if that means I need to relish in the things that aren't good.

In 2012...
  • We (Steve and I) found out that I was with child! Wooo to the HOO HOO! (After many failed pregnancies, having one "stick" was an incredible blessing!)
  • Our air conditioner needed major repairs 4 different times (and in Texas, this isn't an optional expense. Especially when one is pregnant!)
  • I planned a whole LOT of meals, and made about 75% of them.
  • I planned, planted and had a successful garden.
  • I canned more than 300 jars of various foods! (I'm proud of myself for putting my fears aside and just going for it!
  • I sold approximately 60 pieces of jewelry but bought enough supplies to make at least three times that many. :)
  • My son was successfully potty trained. (Really, this should be the accomplishment of which I am most proud!!)
  • I pieced together my first quilt in over 18 years. I paid someone to do the actual quilting, and I'm okay with that too.
  • I also made most of the decor for our new baby nursery.
  • I sent just shy of 10,000 texts.
  • I enjoyed 14 pedicures and 4 hour long massages. (I wish I had enjoyed MORE!)
  • I had a baby! She is awesome, fabulous, beautiful and never needs SLEEP! AAAAAAAAAACK!
  • I lost all but 8 pounds of my pre-Charleigh weight. Now. if only I could get back to my pre-Freddy weight! (2013 goal!)
  • I took several online art courses. Christy Tomlinson is an amazing altered art instructor. Stephanie Ackerman is a fabulous handwriting/doodling instructor. And,Terri Brush is an awesome soldering, fusing, silversmithing, paper mache/clay and jewelry making instructor (the best I have ever learned from!)
  • I managed (this is a HUGE first for me) to get thank you notes sent out from the baby gifts I received from both showers, and got Christmas cards sent out! HOOORAY! (It's a shame that I'm as old as I am and that it had not happened before!)
Things I regret not doing in 2012:
  • Traveling to my all-time favorite paper art store, Paper Crown, to teach or to enjoy Glitter Market, or to visit with my favorite art friends.
  • Making more art... whether it's jewelry, wall art, clothing, food... I wish I had made more!
  • Blogging more and when I blog having it be great content.
  • Attending Spellbound in November.
  • Traveling down to South Padre Island to hang out and visit with my family.
  • Ditto for making it to the west coast to visit the other side of my family.
I'm sure there are more, but I'm busy listening to my baby coo at me. And, she is darling!
Things I hope to accomplish in 2013:
  • Decide on the direction I want to go with my creative work.
  • Visit my girlfriends in OKC!
  • Enjoy my art space and create, create, create!!
  • Sew several outfits for my girl. MY GIRL!! (I can't get over it!)
  • Blogging GREAT content, and on a regular basis
  • Continue to learn more about both gardening and canning.
  • Plan, and execute 85% of the meals my family eats.
  • Lost all of the baby weight!
  • Enjoy every minute that I possibly can with my babies. One is growing way too fast, and the other has just started her time with me. I want to soak up as much as I can of them and of their father. He's such a great guy! I am SO LUCKY!


Lisa said...

Heather, that's a nice wrap-up of 2012. I can't believe how much you did manage to get accomplished, with a little one and being pregnant - Wow! You totally inspire me.
Hope to see you at Paper Crown this year. Maybe a soldering class? I have all my supplies and I'm afraid to use them. ;)

Paper Crown said...

Heather that was so sweet! You are very very kind to the store- and me. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival in 2013. Lots of expert baby holders so you have no excuse. Since you missed last year I'm hoping you will double up in 2013. We can't wait to see you dear friend!

terri d said...

Heather I'm always amazed at how much you get done. I really enjoy your blogs and hearing how your little family is doing. Big blessings in 2013 for you and yours!

Charlotte Perez said...

This is an amazing post.....I love to read about your life, honestly I do. Besos !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hail or high water I am going to go to Spellbound, or something with those girls this year!!!!!


Robin Thomas said...

I want to comment on every stinking thing on your lists. Mainly congratulations on being such a wonderful you this year. I want to pinch those cheeks. Also your daughters!

Much love. Here's to seeing each other in 2013!