Creating: Partying Pinterest Style

Ahhh Pinterest... yet one more reason why I don't get as much accomplished around the house as I should.

If only I could imagine things being done... and then have them actually magically get done.

Dude, that would be AMAZING.

And, my house would be UBER amazing!!

Anywho... please tell me you know what Pinterest is. (If you don't, it's possible that you've been living under a rock. In which case, you might be miserable with the heat we had over the summer... you should move out from underneath it.)

If you're anything like me (and let's face it, no one is quite as weird as me!), you have a grundle of Pinterest boards (close to 100!), and you've daydreamed about getting things actually done. You might have even purchased the supplies or ingredients needed to get things done, but alas... life happened and nothing else did. So, your supplies/ingredients sat.

Or, you may have even thought... "I AM going to make that!" and never did.

Not that either of those scenerio's would EVER happen to me. Yeah... never. Riiiiight.

Enter the Pinterest Party concept! My local friend, Goldie (aka The Vintage Texan!) and her sister, planned fun night of creating - all inspired by Pinterest pins. Here's the event description and a brief rundown on how it worked... 
Do you pin stuff on Pinterest and never find the time to do the project? Well here is your chance to do those awesome things that are out there as a group! This is a party where a bunch of us are going to get together and make those nifty little crafts that you see pinned on Pinterest.

This month we will complete 5 projects. 

The hostess's will go out and gather the supplies needed for the amount of people coming, and there will be a flat fee for all of the supplies. We are only using the money to purchase supplies, there is no profit on the supplies fee, if there is extra money in the end you will receive a refund!
Each of us were tasked with bringing a potluck dish, created using a recipe we found on Pinterest. And, I'm going to be the first to tell you that these girls did NOT disappoint. There was scads of delicious food!

Source - The Vintage Texan
Each participant paid a flat $30 fee (which covered ALL of our supplies, except for whatever you wanted to etch), and there were 5 projects available for us to complete. 
Rolled Felt Flowers

Burlap Monogram Sign

Glass Etching
Coffee Filter Wreath

Wooden Photo Holder
Goldie also rounded up some really awesome sponsors! Some of the sponsors donated items for swag bags and others donated items for prizes. I think my favorite sponsors would have to be:

2Berry Creative (she sent  each of us some Bakers Twine, Note Tags, and Washi Tape)
Alexis Mattox Design (she sent us some of her amazing laser cut cards. I'm keeping mine!) 
The Classy Cactus Antique Mall (they were our hosts for the night!)
Miss Gina's Cookies (she made cookies for us with the Pinterest logo!) 

Other sponsors included independent sales consultants with  Celebrating HomeMary Kay, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, and  Cookie Lee. It was really nice to have samples of their products given to us! I haven't had a chance to try them all out, but it's nice to have a 'try it before you buy it' sample ready for when I can try them out!

It was a really fun night! I enjoyed getting to know women from around my area, that I would probably never have met otherwise. Of course, being true to my personality, I spent more time chatting than accomplishing/completing, but I did get several projects completed.  

Just a few of us!
They've already got next month's Pinterest party planning started. It's going to be on October 6th and this time will be catered! HOOOORAY for not having to bring anything! (Even though I love to cook, it will be nice to just show up and not have to worry about bringing anything! Especially since Baby Charleigh will be just over a week old! YIKES!)

If you're interested in joining us, check it out here. In order to RSVP/come you will need to pay for your spot up front. Once payment has been received, you'll be invited to the facebook group where we're talking about the event and choosing the projects. I really love that this month we have a choice of doing halloween or fall themed projects. Brilliant idea!

Are you on Pinterest? You can find me here!


hope ellington said...

That is so fun! What a great idea. Now go make those chick peas....they are really great....& in the process of eating them I have lost 62.4 pounds! Good luck with baby Carleigh.

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

hey lady...dont you sleep ?? you need to get as much rest since little c will be here soon...hugs