Teaching: Shine Banner Class

Next Saturday, I have the privilege of traveling up to Oklahoma City to teach at the Paper Crown. I so very much enjoy my time up there! Cindy has such a delightful store, and her customers are amazing. The level of creativity and artistry demonstrated in the stores decor and classes inspires me to no end.

I'll be teaching a basic, introductory soldering class Saturday morning and a new, intermediate, class that afternoon - a soldered banner! Here's a photo and the class description:

Do you ever have those moments when your family is driving you bonkers? When your "friends" feel like your biggest foe? When you're at the park, and someone is trying to small talk your child? It's in those very moments that I need a reminder to shine. Shine through the adversity and challenges and meet them head on! So with that in mind, I designed and created this sweet banner to display and remind me to meet those challenges head on.

In this quick paced class you'll create a create a large 5 lettered soldered bunting banner, using a 5 letter word that is special to you. The glass we'll be using has been custom hand cut and finished especially for this class. Additional glass will be available for purchase if you would like to create a longer word. This class is geared towards participants who have previous soldering experience and know how to wrap, solder, and attach jump rings.

In addition to a soldering station (tile, iron, stand, solder, flux & brush, clothespins/clamps, sponge, burnisher, hemostat & glass cleaner), students will need to bring the following supplies with them: hand towel, paper cutter, scissors, pencil, glitter glue, flat nosed jewelry pliers. Feel free to bring any small jewelry bits and baubles also to customize your banner! Please come prepared with what word you would like to use, as we'll be cutting them during class. (Basic soldering kits can be purchased here from Robin on etsy. You'll definitely want to add a pair of bent nosed hemostats to help with jump rings if you don't have one already)

If you'd like to join us, give Cindy a call at (405) 848-2389! It's going to be a day of fun!

What Is Real Right Now

Recently, Ali Edwards did a post titled What Is Real Right Now. I really love how she documented the bits and pieces of her life - and kept it totally real. I think I want to add it as an occasional topic for me too. It would really be a great way of keeping things documented.

So, here's my first What Is Real Right Now post....

What is Real Right Now:  After church today, I put Fred down for a short "quiet time", and laid myself down on the couch for a super quick nap. Two and a half hours later I woke up. So much for a short nap! Fortunately, Fred still hasn't mastered opening his bedroom door (it's the pulling of the door that has him stumped), and he was fast asleep. I felt guilty, but got over it quick. When I texted my mom to tell her about it, she said... "Welcome to being fallible. I'm sure he survived." You know what, we all did!

What is Real Right Now: I have zero motivation or energy. It's so odd for me. Normally, if I was to rate my energy on a scale of 1-10, I'd say that I'm usually an 8 or even a 9. Lately, I feel like I'm on a 4, maybe even a 3. My house isn't getting tidy (I'm real, it's probably never ever going to be perfectly clean), and I am not feeling motivated or energized enough to even accomplish my normal tasks.  I don't feel motivated to do things that normally I lvoe to I've never felt this way before, even when my iron and vitamin levels were at their lowest. Have you ever been there?

What is Real Right Now: Fred is adorable. Not that I'm partial or anything!! I am SO glad that we were able to have him. Don't get me wrong, he challenges me on a daily basis (really... flat out challenges me....), but we work through it and end our days on high notes. He loves to "read" his books, paint pictures, and sing. Oh my... how my heart soars when he sings. Right now, his favorite songs are "I am a Child of God" and "Hakuna Matata!" (Believe it or not, we actually bought a VCR a few weeks back. I know... I hang my head in both shame and surprise! I have dozens of original Disney cartoons on VHS though, and we are definitely enjoying them!) He's a whopping 39" tall, which makes him just over a foot shorter than me. That is NOT fair. My two year old isn't supposed to be taller than me before he hits puberty, let alone kindergarten!

What is Real Right Now: Steve rocks. He works SO hard for us, and still manages to find time to play with Fred every day. I mean... fully interactive play. He is not a passive father and interacts with Fred in the funnest ways. They both put together a mean Duplo rocket... or car garage... or space shuttle... the list could go on and on. The cutest thing they've been doing lately, is right before we go to put Fred to bed for the night, Steve takes him out to our back yard and they lay on a blanket looking at the stars (and plane lights as they fly overhead). It really just tickles my heart to see their relationship and how incredible Steve is with our son.

What is Real Right Now:  We are at the tail end of renovating our half bathroom, on the downstairs level of the house. I will be SO excited when it's done. Not because the wall paper will be gone, but because it is SO hard to bust upstairs when I need to relieve myself when I've got a shadow in tow. I'm more afraid of him falling on the stairs, or getting into something he shouldn't when I'm taking care of business. So... we normally make the trek together - sometimes making it JUST in time.

 What is Real Right Now:  My fall garden is growing like crazy! Nothing has grown to a harvest stage yet, but if growth is any indicator, my fall garden will definitely be better than my summer one. Anyone else in the same boat?

Follow Up: What's Cooking - 10/1 Edition

Goodness, thank you for your sweet comments about our menu plan for this week.  You tickled my heart with your kindness!!

Many of you asked what the different vegetables were in our "Asian Pack". It's easier for me to just label each of the items, rather than try to explain it. So, here you go!

So far, our menu planning is right on target! Sunday's taco's were a HUGE hit! I highly recommend them, especially if you have a super busy day planned!

Plus, a cool new tip I learned... if you need to shred meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc) and you have a stand mixer... toss the meat (after it's been slow cooked) into your bowl with the beater attachment and turn it on. The beater will shred your meat perfectly!

(I'll be honest, I was hesitant to try it and thought that doing it would be lazy. But, Sunday night, I was trying to get the rest of our dinner finished when it was time to shred the chicken. So, I popped it into my mixer bowl and set it to go on low. Shazam... super fast and perfectly shredded chicken! Hoooray!)

There you go - a breakdown of the Bountiful Baskets Asian Pack for this week (don't forget - contents can vary from week to week!)

Thanks for visiting!

What's Cooking - October 1st Edition

Despite the sun rising and setting each day, I'm still in shock that October is here.  With it, we finally have some cool weather and respite from the summer heat.It couldn't have come fast enough!

I am so enjoying eating cool season foods! (As a side note, Steve thinks the concept of seasonal/temperature outside foods is nuts. For example, in my mind we would eat thicker, warmer foods - like chowders and casseroles - during cooler weather. He doesn't see why I wouldn't plan them year round. What say you?)

I've been bookmarking blogs and the recipe's I want to try for ages. This week's menu is full of them! Hooray for me - easy planning!

Here's a photo of what we got in todays Bountiful Basket order:

Our produce basket was heavy on juicy ripe pears, lemons and kiwi. So lemonade and several fruit breads/desserts are in the works too.

This week, I added the "Asian Pack" to our produce order, so we're eating lots of Asian inspired meals. I'm so hungry right now, and they all sound delicious! 

Here's what I'm planning to serve my family over the next two weeks.

Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco's with black beans, rice, and mexican roasted corn
Monday: Asian Wonton Salad (I add napa cabbage too)
Tuesday: Chicken Tikka Masala with white rice and naan
Wednesday: Leftovers!!
Thursday: Tortellini Sausage Soup with homemade whole wheat rolls
Friday: Satay Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry (with bok choy, eggplant, bean sprouts, carrots, celery, onions and whatever else sounds good!) with brown rice
Saturday: Shepherds Pie and green salad
Sunday: Greek Chicken & Potatoes
Monday: Leftovers!
Tuesday: Chicken Curry Fried Rice and Pot Stickers
Wednesday: Black Bean Tortilla Soup (freezer!) and quesadillas
Thursday: Thai Peanut Noodles with Chicken (or Pork)
Friday: Leftovers!
Saturday: Grilled Pizza with tomatoes, basil and homemade mozzarella cheese

Desserts: Pear Galettes & Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream
Lunches: Salads, Quesadillas, Sandwiches, Cheese & Crackers, and leftovers!!

That's about it! What are you planning to cook?