What's Cooking - August 6th Edition

I'm determined to eat healthier. We just need to. It's not that we don't eat healthy, when compared to many of our friends, we definitely do.

But, we can do better.

Getting our produce from Bountiful Baskets definitely helps, because it's here, and I don't want it to go to waste.

I hate it when food goes to waste. I feel like I'm throwing money right down the drain, and I don't have (nor would I want) to have the kind of money that just goes down that way.

Our basket this week is plentiful! So much yumminess! Little new potatoes, roma tomatoes, thin tender asparagus, romaine lettuce, celery, red peppers, pluots, peaches, pears, cantaloupe, pickling cucumbers and bananas were all included. I can't beat that for $15 at my grocery store!

So, here's what I am planning to serve to my family this week:

Sunday: Bruschetta salad (tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic and fresh mozzerella cheese tossed with whole wheat pasta and dressed with just a smidge of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice) and grilled chicken.
Monday: Potato, bacon and asparagus fritatta
Tuesday: Baked ravioli, ciabatta bread and a green veggie salad
Wednesday: Blackened tilapia with seasoned rice served with a green salad
Thursday: Chipotle-style burritos
Friday: Kielbasa and stir fried veggies with white rice
Saturday: Leftovers

I'll be doing a LOT of baking over the next few days, as a friend and I are co-hostessing a playdate/book baby shower for a mutual friend. Our friend is having her second baby, and repeatedly said she didn't need anything. Well, in my world babies are cause for celebrating! So, we decided it would be fun for our friends to get together and shower her (and her 3 year old son) with everyones favorite children's books. Most of us have children all about the same age, they were invited also. So, now it's a play date, but with a purpose!

The theme for our refreshments is "Milk & Cookies". I've been going to town baking all kinds of different cookies to have. So far, I'm planning to have chocolate chip, peanut butter, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. We're also going to have old fashioned sour cream drop cookies, cranberry walnut oatmeal cookies,(probably my favorite!), and pumpkin cookies.

I'm thinking I definitely have enough cookies for our little group! It's a good thing I thought ahead and have little bags for the mothers to package up cookies to take home with them. We definitely don't need all of them here at my house!

That's what's cookin' at my house. What's cookin' at yours?


Anonymous said...

Thanks! (And we will be over Tuesday for dinner.) Just kidding.


jackie said...

Aren't you just the little hostess..........sounds like so much fun with the kids and the theme of the shower/party! Wish I was helping you............

terri d said...

Yummy~ you've sure got it going! The shower/play date sounds fun and a great way to celebrate a new little life on its way.
Here's my menu for the week in no order other then today (sun) the lasagna~
Lasagna, salad, garlic bread
Grilled chicken over spinach/romaine lettuce, green onions, broccoli, sauted pecans and romaine noodles.
French dip with fruit
Chicken dish of some sort
Salisbuy steak with rice
Sub type sandwiches