What's Cookin'

It's Menu Planning Monday again...

Funny how it always arrives, and on time at that.

Every week.

Last weeks meal plan was fantastic. We stayed right on the path, and didn't eat out. We also managed to eat what I had planned, on the day I had it planned to be eaten.

That's a huge win here at my house.

Something I did, that I thought was clever, was to use the broth that was created in my potato/greenbean/ham dish (really it is tasty! It's something my friends would make in Ohio, and I've grown to love it. Fresh produce at it's finest.).

Anyway, I took the flavorful broth (the ham added a LOT of flavor), tossed in a bag of split peas, and let it cook for a while. Ta-Da! Split pea soup!! Hoooray! That is at least two more dinners I can freeze for later use! (Food Saver to the rescue!)

Here's what I'm planning to serve this week.
  • Monday - Turkey quesadillas or Turkey ala King (We had roasted turkey on Sunday, so I'm trying to use up the leftovers)
  • Tuesday - Leftovers!
  • Wednesday - Satay chicken, steamed rice, some kind of veggie side, and Pioneer Woman's Pig Cake
  • Thursday - Grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, corn
  • Friday - Grilled salmon burgers and a simple pasta caprese salad
  • Saturday - Spaghetti, meatballs (or a simple meat sauce) & garlic bread
  • Sunday - Pizza!
I'm trying to focus on using what food I have stashed in the freezer.
I have 10.5 pounds of frozen chicken breasts.
Yes, I did it on purpose. It's in 3 bags.
But, why do I have them in there, if I don't make a plan to use them.
I know that if I don't make a plan for them, they'll end up living in there forever and getting freezer burn.
Which kind of defeats the point.

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