What's Cookin'! (eeeerrr... Tuesday?!?)

I had really great intentions of sharing our menu plan on Monday.

Heck, I even planned it all out on Sunday!

But, Monday was supposed to be a traveling day for us. We were going to fly down and visit with my parents (and this awesome place I like to call The Island).

Alas, as we were parking our vehicle at the airport, I got a call from my mother letting us know that the youngest of my sisters bebe's had strep throat and several other ickies.

And so it was that we didn't go down to The Island.

I'd be flat out lying if I said I wasn't disapointed, but sometimes these things cannot be helped.

And I'm doing my best to keep a happy face about the whole thing.

One good thing is that I won't be a lobster. (The sun and I do not mix... even when I wear the highest level of sunscreen I can get.)

Last week, I did a GREAT job keeping our menu going and actually following it.
I even worked REALLY hard to make sure that we didn't leave any produce in the fridge while we were going to be on vaca.
(That means, I had NOTHING available when we decided to have a staycation.)

So, with a few groceries purchased, here's what we're eating this week!!

  • Monday - Chicken & Rice
  • Tuesday - Beef Fajita's
  • Wednesday - Green Beans, New Potatoes and Diced Ham - All cooked together! (one of my favorite spring time meals!)
  • Thursday - Grilled Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes,
  • Friday - Leftovers (or Broiled Tilapia served with steamed veggies)
  • Saturday - Burgers & Oven Fries
  • Sunday - Pizza!! (Or a freezer dinner)
A note from last week's menu...

Both the Shepherds Pie and the Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese recipes I used made enough food to each fill a 9"x13" pan. I don't know about your family, but my little family can't eat that much in one meal (and really... as delicious as it was, I wouldn't want to eat it for 5 days to get it all consumed. YUCK). So, I froze two pans (in 5"x7" disposable aluminum pans), so that we'll have them for another day.

I love doing this for two reasons...
  1. I have a quick and homemade dinner to use if I don't feel like cooking. HOORAY!
  2. I have a quick and homemade dinner to take to a friend when they may be in need (you know, like when your friend has a family emergency, has the flu, isn't feeling well, or ... just when someone needs it). I love knowing that I have something handy 'just in case'.
That's all!

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