Starting a New and Not Looking Back...

So, I'm pretty sure everyone who is part of my life (even if you're just a blog reader) knows by now that I'm taking Soul Restoration, an online class by Brave Girls Club.

I can already recognize a difference in myself.

Nuts, isn't it?

One of the things that has stuck with me so far, more than anything (and we're on day 2 here friends), is that one needs to accept things as they are. With no blame. With no shame. With no complaining.

My life (and the condition of my "house") are mine alone. And what they are at this moment in my life... is what it is.

It is up to me to change my life.

Starting today.

I saw the flick below on Stacy Julian's blog today. And, it is spot on for how I'm feeling.

It's time to move on.

To not look back. (and really... I am not going to be Lot's life... )

To start a new.

And I am determined to do it.

P.S. While I will be sharing insights and points from my Soul Restoration class here on my blog, I won't be sharing most of the art and projects I create. Many of them are already intensely personal, and I do not want to cheapen my experience by sharing it here. Some things are just meant to be kept to myself. Thank you for your support!


Jackie said...

Hi Heather - just joined the GGSS flickr group and saw your blog, so I popped by. I'm taking Soul Restoration too - isn't it amazing?? Truly what I needed right now! Love your blog - looks like we like many of the same thing. Thanks for putting together the GGSS flickr group - I just got the box yesterday and it's over the top amazing!! Can't wait to start making stuff!! Have a beautiful day!

Heidi said...

Hi Heather! I'm also taking the Soul Restoration online class! I was amazed that from the get-go things have really "hit" me about things in my life. Also, like you, I won't be showing my art/journals, etc on my blog....just too personal!
we can do it! Hugs, Heidi