Favorite Things, Day 8: Chick Flicks

During  the month of December,  I am setting a goal to post each day with one  of my favorite  somethings. It could be a favorite food, a favorite  thing, a favorite  person, a favorite blog, a favorite handmade thing, a  favorite place...  really a favorite any and everything!   Join me as I review my favorites during December 2010! I'd love to read about your favorites too!

There is something special about chick flicks. I know that a few of my girlfriends detest them - but I adore them. I really do! I can watch them over and over again. I've added many of them to my collection and much to my husbands dismay. (He's of the mind that they should be watched once and then never again.)

With that, I am sharing a few of my favorite Chick Flicks!

  • Love Actually - Yes, this is a "holiday" movie. I love it. I think Hugh Grant is endearing and the musical score is brilliant. I'm often found singing the songs for several days after watching it. Colin Firth is also a favorite actor of mine - and he's in this as well. Swoon!
  • Emma - How can you go wrong with a movie based on a Jane Austen novel. LOVE it!
  • Sense and Sensibility - Yes, another Hugh Grant movie. AND... another BBC one at that too!
  • Pride & Prejudice - This is the movie that made me fall in love with BBC movies and Colin Firth. Forever and ever I will watch it again and again. Amen!
  • Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts is brilliant!
  • Notting Hill - I love Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant together in this movie. It makes me laugh so much!
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding - This is HILARIOUS! I will never look at Windex the same.
  • Two Week's Notice - Sandra Bullock is probably one of my all-time favorite actresses. And... Hugh Grant co-stars with her here. Automatically, I love it!
  • The Notebook - Such a sweet story of long term love.
  • Anne of Green Gables - The spit fire in Anne (with an 'e') has remained part of me from the time that I watched this for the first time, maybe 20 years ago.
  • What are your favorite chick flicks?

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Robin Thomas said...

I love Emma! I must check out osme of these other titles. Great post!