Did you know it’s National Women’s Self Appreciation Day?

I didn’t either! But Katy, over at no big dill, has declared it so (and is even going to recommend it to President Obama - a brilliant move if I do say say so myself!). Women, in general, have such a bad habit of loving everyone except themselves. I just LOVE it!

National Women’s Self Appreciation Day it IS!

So today, lets celebrate us.

Really - I mean it. Let’s DO this!

What do you love about yourself? What do you do especially well? What is your favorite quality about you?

Please share the answers about yourself either on your blog or on Twitter, or on Facebook! I really WOULD love to read about what you celebrate about yourself! (I’ll even send someone a bracelet, inspired by the skills I learned at A Gilded Nest with the Gilded Life girls! Just leave a comment with a link to where you shared your information! I’ll pick a winner this coming weekend)


01 Though my home is often a disaster area worthy of FEMA support, I am a detail oriented, and organized person. I can organize like no-body's business. I can keep lists, manage tasks, handle events and staff and keep everyone around me organized. I can set up, organize, and facilitate an online community with style. My pantry is amazingly organized. (However, the rest of my home is SO not!)

02 I bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. I really mean that! My coworkers are often remarking about them, and my family delights in them. I may not eat many of them, but I love that others love them!

03 I love to sing - Not professionally mind you, but I loooove to just belt out a tune. I love that I’m not afraid to just belt it out in public (and between us - Fred does too! He’ll sway and get his boogie-woogies on with me, no matter where we are!). I’m not a bad singer, but I’m definitely no professional either.

04 I love my smile. I love that it can make others smile. (No I don't love my teeth) I do love making others smile.

05 I love that I am straight up blunt about most things. I know that it can be hard to take for a lot of people. The good thing is that no one ever wonders where they stand with me. It's the German part of me popping out - I'll just tell it like it is. I honestly wish more people were the same way.

In the interest of complete disclosure, I must admit (and quite sadly too) that it took me almost an hour to think of things that I love about myself. I know that there’s plenty of good in me, and that I do plenty of good things. If find it sad though, that I can’t easily think of things that I love about myself - it is so much easier to be derogatory.

P.S. You should really check out Katy’s blog. I knew her when she lived out this way, and she is one creative woman. I have really enjoyed catching up with her beautiful daughters and husband and reading about her creative pursuits!


No Big Dill said...

Fantastic list, Heather!! It is so much easier to point out and highlight our flaws. Thanks for playing along :)

Robin Thomas said...

Good for you Heather. I started really liking myself in my 40s, so there is something to look forward too. I mean self doubt is there but my loving voice is getting louder. Ahhhhhh. Such a relief. As a girl with a big mouth, let me tell you haow great your caramel salt cupcakes are as well. You would have gotten a large and inappropriate kiss had my mouth not been so full of said cupcake. You are wlelcome.