Cha..Cha..Changes are Coming!

It's long overdue, and because I have great plans (make that ideas) of streamlining my sites, and really bringing them all together, you'll find that lots of old(er) posts are starting to show up here. I'm closing down all of my sites except for

No more cooking blog.
No more crafty blog.
No more teaching blog.
No more Heather Ales Designs blog.

Just one -

I'll still share cooking plans and recipes (maybe even more frequently now). I'll still share my crafty projects and endeavors. I'm still going to share rambling posts, and lots of "this 'n that" posts.

Everything will be on one happy site. ( Heads up! Your bookmarks for my other sites won't work once I turn off the sites.)

Joyful! Joyful! I am excited - maybe even a bit rejuvenated.

You might even find a movie or e-tutorial coming up. How cool would that be? I have lots of ideas and things I would love to do with my site. Now I need to determine what is realistic for my life, family, and schedule and go from there.

With all of that, I've decided to hire a site designer whose work and skill fits in with my desires and taste. I can't wait to see what we'll have in the end!

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Anonymous said...

Heather, we have big changes going on too. Have you heard about the re-making of the oldest antique show in the west? Right here in North Texas March 12-13. The blog says it all. Good luck with your re-design. Jan Orr-Harter, Hot Tamale Antiques, Aledo, TX