Two of my Ohio friends have a wonderful blog where each week they post their confessions. I have to admit that I love reading their confessions. I've often thought about sharing my own confessions, as funny or not as they may be. Tonight, as I feel overwhelmed, I feel the need to confess lots of things on many different levels. And so it is that...

I confess...
  • that I am overwhelmed. For those of you who think I do it all... I don't. I fail all over the place.
  • that I am exhausted. Seriously... days like today sleep evades me.
  • that I overextend myself. Oftentimes I see wonderful and gorgeous swaps occurring on craft blogs ALL the time, and I wisely do not sign myself up to participate. It's not that I don't want to participate - it's that I know myself and know that if I do sign up to join in on the fun I won't get it done on time, or if I do get it done, i almost NEVER get it to the post office on time.
  • And... so it is that I've WAY overextended myself for Silver Bella swaps this year. 10 swaps... what on EARTH was I thinking? I'm almost done with almost everything, but .... OH MY STARS and BANANAS... did I lose my mind or what?
  • that my house is a disaster.
  • that I suck at doing laundry. Rather... i ROCK at washing and drying... but SUCK at folding or putting away.
  • that since the freezer defrost/death of 2009 - I have not restocked my freezer with pre-made dinners. Convenience dinners (read that as freezer meals from the grocery store) is my mainstay.
  • that I love being a mommy way more than I thought I would.
  • that being a mommy takes WAY more out of me than I ever thought it would.
  • that I miss not having my parents closer WAAAAY more than I ever thought it would
  • that I wish I had time to fly down to my parents and WAY more than I do.
  • that I am really, very very much, looking forward to Silver Bella but ...
  • that I am very very much dreading being away from my little man (and the big one too) for 4 nights. I just know he's going to take his first steps while I'm away... I can feel it and it is stressing me out that I might miss out on seeing that milestone.
  • that I drink way more caffeine (diet coke, diet mountain dew, and sugar free Rockstar or Monster) than any one person should.
  • that I have not lost the baby weight I thought I could "easily" lose.
  • that my studio is a horrific disaster.. and it's getting worse as the days up to Silver Bella get closer.
  • that as much as I am excited, I have not started packing for Silver Bella. At all.
  • that I miss hanging out with my bestie, but that there is just no time at the moment. It's hard.
  • that I update my Facebook page by Twitter, which is updated by texting from my phone, rather than hanging out on Facebook all day long (contrary to popular suspicion)
  • that I know I said that I wouldn't let my son zone out on Sesame Street, but it is one hell of a blessing. LOVE Sesame Street.
  • that I didn't know what the heck I was saying when I said I would "never" do things as a parent. Dude... sometimes you just do what you can to make it through the day.
  • that I have WAY more respect for single parents now than I ever did before. We're making it with two parents.. BARELY. How on earth to single mom's do it with little kids? I don't get it.
So there you have it... a few of my own confessions.


Anonymous said...

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Jamie said...

Heather!!!! I have missed you since Paper Cowgirl!! Are you using any of your yummy wallpaper?:) Your confessions look like my confessions:) We all are just doing the best we can Sweetie! Love, Jamie

Suz said...

Heather, you really are quite amazing!